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About Us

FK Fuji Kosan/Massimo, was established in 1949 and is a public listed company. FK specializes manufacturing of lubricant oil.

FK Massimo has been using circuit racing  since 1995 in the development of their engine oils. After achieving good results in their fully sponsored Skyline GT-R at the N1 Endurance Race in 1997, FK Massimo went on to sponsor a Toyota Supra of the famous Team Cel Group and FK Massimo racing team was formed. In the three years until 2000, the racing went on to win the All-Japan GT 500 Championship and the Suzuka Botsuka 1000km Endurance Race. The 2001 and 2002 racing team continued with its successes on the racing circuit, stamping FK Massimo’s reputation as the engine oil for the top racing teams

FK/Massimo Engine Oil isn't researched in a lab, it's tested on the track. It's specifically designed to deliver maximum performance and prolong the life of your engine. That's why it's the choice of Porsche, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi and Honda. It's also the most effective way to make sure your oil can stand up to the punishment of everyday driving.

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Our Product Range

Standard Range


Freshing 5w-30

Perfect 5w-40

Rhythmic 10w-40

Our Standard Range consists of lubricants made from high-performance base oil providing excellent lubrication, wear reduction and strong film strength resulting a healthy engine providing excellent performance and fuel economy.


Suitable For: Standard Cars, High Performance Cars, European Cars, Turbocharged Cars

High Spec Range


Trinity 0w-20

Pulse 5w-30

Trimax 5w-40

The High Spec range are created using advanced additives, synthetic and hydrocracking oil providing excellent lubrication, low frictional losses and stable temperatures in high performance and high revving engines.


Suitable For: High Performance Sports Cars, Turbocharged Cars, Fuel Saving Cars.

Elite Range


Racing 15w-60

Racing 3 10w-40

Super V 5w-50

Our Elite Range are our highest-performance engine oil that brings together the technology of synthetic oil. It consists of 100% chemical synthetic oil containing a copious amount of PAO This "strong" oil film fully protects engines from harsh conditions and widely improves the performance of your vehicles

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Singapore 408934

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